About Us


New Choice Intervention, Inc is committed to promoting wellness, education and empowerment of our clients in a holistic and safe environment that results in self – independence, increases positive thinking that will enhance productive and Useful lives.


Our Mission is: Education       Wellness         Empowerment


  • N:- Neat – Our treatment is designed to help clients to improve their personal hygiene
  • E:- Empowerment – Our treatment is designed to promotes the idea of a new self
  • W:-Wellness – Our treatment promotes psychological, spiritual and physical wellness
  • C:- Caring – Our treatment is provided with love of our clients at heart
  • H:- Holistic – Our treatment approach focuses on the whole self
  • O:- Optimism – Our treatment is designed to encourage positive thinking
  • I:- Intensive – We provide intensive therapeutic treatment to all our clients
  • C:- Compassion – Our treatment is rendered in compassion
  • E: – Education – Our treatment includes appropriate education to aid clients concerns