New Choice Intervention Inc. (NCII) is a community-based, behavioral health agency located in Harvey, Illinois, and serving communities on Chicago’s south side and southern suburbs. We provide a full range of treatment and intervention services to children, adolescents and adults who experience depression, or any form of mental illness and developmental disabilities.

Services are designed by qualified professionals with years of practical, hands-on experience to manage and overcome the client’s stigma of mental illness and childhood trauma in order to increase their chances to achieve and maintain a healthy life style.

lady Guided in the tradition of “Solution Focus and Evidence Based Model”, New Choice Intervention, Inc. determines to provide appropriate psycho-social, rehabilitative treatment and support services to all its clients with the primary goal of evolving a new self in holistic pattern. In providing treatment, New Choice Intervention, Inc. will combine and explore the benefits of science, medication, therapy and spirituality to the clients advantage.